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Character Name:
Series: Rin Hoshizora
Timeline: End Season two
Canon Resource Link: Click
Character History:
Prior to the start of the series, not much is known about Rin Hoshizora. She's a bright, funloving girl who has a knack for trying to sound like a cat. You wouldn't guess there was anything troubling her until you pressed the wrong button. For Rin, there's one incident in her young life that sticks out the most to her.

Rin is a tomboy, through-and-through. She's always been athletic and not what could be the typical Japanese girl, and that's sort of where her troubles lie in. Her peers always told her she looked like a boy and, so, when she decided to wear a skirt to school the boys would mock her. Rin took this to heart and ran away to change. As she got older, the idea of not being feminine enough never left her and so she constantly says how girly things just aren't her style.

This was how Rin existed through over the first half of the series. No one knew better or really mentioned it, although her best friend, Hanayo, likely certainly had an inkling. But we could say the first season was merely setting the stage for the development that all of the characters would go through in the second.

If truth be told, Rin wanted to be an idol. It might not have crossed her mind at the very beginning, but watching Muse with Hanayo would change that. She still insisted on trying to join the track team, but the minute Muse actually invited her and Maki to join them... Well, neither girl even seemed hesitant to join. She might not have thought that she was fit to be an idol, but Rin quickly came to love singing and dancing with the rest of the group.

Rin is quickly introduced as almost a younger Honoka. They both have the same energy and passion for the group and, eventually, that's actually what makes the others decide to make Rin their impromptu-group leader. Unlike Honoka, however, Rin is held down more by her own self-esteem. This largely stems from the earlier issues and wouldn't present itself until early season two, but Honoka and Rin have some very clear differences.

Like all the other girls, Rin wants to win Love Live! She wants to win with them as altogether as a group, and it's devastating to her at the end of the first season that they're unable to make their goal. Despite that, she and the others try to cheer Honoka on to get better soon. She tries to be supportive of her friend and enjoy the time they have together. And this nature continues.

When season two starts, it's just around the corner for the third years to graduate. And guess what! Love Live's immense popularity has called for an encore competition. Muse would once more be able to participate altogether before the third years graduated, and this is where all the character development for the other main characters really begins.
Abilities/Special Powers: List all the special types of non-normal things your character do. IE: The different powers of the Nobodies from KH, or Hiro Nakamura's ability to teleport and go into time.
Third-Person Sample: Minimum of three paragraphs, introspective piece, written in prose. We’re judging your grasp on the character and how you log with them;. We would prefer if this was not a simple re-telling of canon events, this way we can see how you handle the character's actions.
First-Person Sample: Show us that you can portray the character’s voice in a network post. Minimum of five sentences.


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